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Impact :

Socio-economical Programa


Problem background :
Health & malnutrition though prominent but not the only issues in Melghat. There are many other issues. People are deprived of basic facilities like - Education, Water, Sanitation, Roads, Electricity, government officials are not ready to work in Melghat. Poverty, unawareness about rights & government schemes etc.are also issues.

MAHAN Intervention :
MAHAN started participating in 'Gramsabha' , (Village meetings) making people aware of their rights &  government schemes.

Arrange or facilitate distribution of Cycles, Clothes, utensils, food etc.

Winter temperature as low as 2-3 Deg c. itself signifies the requirement of (warm) clothes. In winter people light up earthen lamps to get warmth. Many times huts catches fire resulting into severe burns. Many surgeries taking place in yearly MAHAN plastic surgery camps to correct these burns. 

Cycle distribution helped many people to travel & earn something, it is easier for children to attend school.

Chasing up government official resulted into Roads building, water pipeline, employment, empowerment, better hygiene etc. 

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