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Oxygen Concentrators' by Swath Organization saved a patient

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Oxygen is lifeline for serious patients.  It is truer when someone serious patient from hilly, forest, difficult to access tribal areas need oxygen supply. To get oxygen on time in such areas is luxury as oxygen is not easily available. In Melghat one has to purchase oxygen cylinders from 150 km from district place of Amaravati, the road is through dense forest, mountains and time consuming and it is costly. MAHAN trust is providing medical services to poor tribal of Melghat for 23 years. Ours is only hospital for treatment of serious patients e.g., acute myocardial infarction, congestive cardiac failure with pulmonary edema, brain haemorrhage, chronic obstructive airway disease with acute exacerbation, cardiorespiratory arrest, respiratory paralysis, extensive pulmonary TB etc. who require oxygen therapy. The oxygen concentrators donated by Swasth organisation is boon for MAHAN and Melghat. It helped to save many serious patients suffering from hypoxia due to above diseases.  
Success story:  A young poor tribal patient was admitted in intensive care unit of our hospital in very serious condition. He had DM, Severe HT, Acute myocardial infarction, CRF, Hypokalemia with ?Renal Tubular necrosis with Pulmonary edema with Sepsis with quadriplegia with Respiratory paralysis with Hypoxia with Coma.  Our team immediately put him on Ventilator (Invasive endotracheal intubation) with oxygen concentrator and all essential drugs.   He was on ventilator for 12 hours and on oxygen for 2 days. Due to our intensive treatment at appropriate time, he became normal and started walking on 7th day. A critical care expert from Amaravati said, tertiary care at primary level.

Ambulance Donated by Honorable Minister Mr. Nitinji Gadkari


Ambulance donated by Honorable Minister Shri.Nitinji Gadkari Saheb to MAHAN Trust, Melghat. Also donated BIPAP Machines and Ventilator. Shri. Nitinji Gadkari Handling over the key to Dr.Vibhavari Dani, Dr.Kavita Satav, Dr.Abhijeet Bharadwaj, Avinash Nimbalkar, Manik Palaskar. Thanks  a lot to Honorable Minister Shri.Nitinji Gadkari Saheb, Dr.Viral Kamdar Sir, Shri.Gajanan Janbhor Sir, Dr.Uday Bodhanakar Sir, Shri.Bhende Sir.

Multi Parameters monitors Donated by VNIT NAGPUR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Multi Parameters Monitors donated by VNIT NAGPUR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION  to MAHAN Trust, Melghat. Dr. Pramod Padole handling over the Monitors to Avinash Satav and Manik Palaskar at VNIT campus Nagpur. Thanks  a lot to Dr. Pramod Padole (Director VNIT), Dr.Uday Kamat (Chairman VNIT- Nagpur Alumni Association), Dr. Dilip Peshwe, Dr. Rajendra Saoji, Joginder Singh Sond, Kamlesh Laddhad. 


Oxygen Concentrators Donated by Khushroo Poacha / Seva Kitchen Nagpur 

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MAHAN Trust is thankful to Khooshru Poacha & family who runs a initiative of "Seva Kitchen", supporting tribal of Melghat on regular basis since long. This time they for donated 4 Oxygen Concentrators & 50 Livinguard Face masks.

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