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Policy Changes

Tribal People benifited across Maharashra due to MAHAN efforts in influencing, modifying & making new policies by state govt


>5 Lakh

Hospital & Critical Care Unit

Patients benifited in hospital

Critical patient treated & saved (Heart Attack, Brain Haemorrhage, Cerebral Malaria , Meningitis, Tetanus, Snake & Bear Bite etc)

Number of Plastic surgeries performed (free of cost, worth crores of rupees)

Patients treated in specialty camps like paediatric, gynaecology, dental, ENT, etc.

Cases of Rheumatic valvular heart diseases detected in camp & operated free of cost at Mumbai with the help of G-66 Heart Foundation, Achhut

Maharaj Heart Foundation, Amravati,

Other general surgical cases detected in camps, have been operated in various hospitals,







Home based Child Care (HBCC)

Reduction in Under 5 Mortality Rate per thousand live births (>80000 childred treated)


Reduction in Sever Malnutrition prevalence %

Reduced by >68%

Reduced by 68%


Locally produced Therapeutic Food prepared & served to severely malnurished children

>2363 Children; case fatality rate of <0.3% in treated cases. achieved WHO target of <4%

Mortality Control program for Economically Productive Age Group (16-60)

Reduction in Death rate per lac population (>40000 adults treated)

Reduction in Maternal Mortality rate


Reduction in prevalance of hypertension




Blindness Control Program

Vision Provided, especially tribal children and women

Eye Surgeries (most of them free of cost Cataract Operations)

Spectacles given to students (most of them free of cost) & people

Students & villegers screened





Counsellor Program

Improvement in services in numbers of Govt. Hospitals

People benifitted

Improvement in Hospitalisation of severely malnourished children increased by

Statistically significant improvement in hospitalised severely malnourised children

Increase in deliveries in hospital



12 times

P' value<0.001


Kitchan Farms & Garden

Kitchen Gardens developed for sustainable nutrition

Nutrition Farms developed for sustainable nutrition



 De-addiction Program

Number of villages becoming free from social drinking of alcohol

Number of people who are de-addicted

People excercising Yoga

Villagers of ‘Ghota’ village are celebrating Holi Festival without alcohol since last 7 years.





Improved transportation for livelyhood & education of tribal by Cycle distribution

Tribal female Empowermered & made Self sustenable

Clothe Distribution

Anganwadi Children Health Check Up

Mobilised government to conduct 'Mutation of land' on massive scale  


Facilitated & Ensured implementation of various govt. schemes - Employment guarantee scheme , Water supply schemes, repairing of road, State Transport facilities    



Approx. 3000 people


Road Traffic Accident

Saved lives of critically injured people by rescuing from various accident sites


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