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     M A H A N
(Meditation, Addiction, Health, AIDS, Nutrition)
is a Charitable Trust, 'Non-Profit' & 'Non-Government' organization providing preventive & curative medical facilities to tribal Melghat run by Dr. Ashish and Dr. Kavita Satav

Since 1997, malnutrition & death due to malnutrition is reduced by more than 63% in adopted villages and more than 5 Lakh people got benefited through various projects bringing significant impact in life of tribal. It resulted into government policy changes as well

We attempt to save lives everyday and strive to create a positive impact on more than 5 lakh tribal people, in the Melghat area of Maharashtra state in India. This region is recognized as one of the most backward in the country with a very high infant mortality rate and malnutrition. Melghat is known for extreme poverty, coupled with illiteracy, lack of proper health facilities - this neglected region is our home

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MAHAN TRUST is in need of staff

500000 +

People Benefited


Reduction in Child Mortality Rate

1333 +

Plastic Surgery Performed Free

of Cost

100000 +

Patient benefited


Reduction in Malnutrition


Vision Provided

7000 +

Kitchen Garden and Nutrition Farm Developed


Reduction in Adult Death Rate

(16-60 Yrs)

15 +

Research Papers Presented

Fully Equipped OT
New life
Adult tribal Care -MAHAN
Patient Inspection -MAHAN
Checking patients in middle of the farm.
Nutrition Farm
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