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Impact :

  • Thousands of Kitchen gardens & farms developed are helping reduction in malnutirtion significantly. Click Here to read more

  • MAHAN was identified as Regional representative of state advisor to commissioner of honourable supreme court of India for 'Food Security Bill'.

Kitchen Garden & Nutrition Farm

Problem Background :

Most of the families were owning a small piece of land but were unaware of proper methods of cropping with available resources. This area was suffering from insufficient quantity of food production leading to lack of proteins and vegetables in the diet.    


MAHAN Intervention :   
MAHAN's team, implemented a concept of Kitchen Garden in back yard of tribal. Waste water from kitchen is used for this. This was also expected to solve the problem of water logging which leads to breeding of mosquitoes and flies thus reducing the incidence of malaria and diarrhea diseases.

After success of Kitchen Garden, Nutrition farms are developed. It is thought that one acre of land is sufficient to provide enough nutrition to the children and tackle the problem of malnutrition in long term. Organic way of farming is mainly used. Local water bodies are restored to irrigate the nutrition farms, plants were distributed to farmers, farming methods were shared & overall support was offered. All of this is achieved using locally avaible resources reducing cost of farming. This is a step toward ending malnutrition, hunger and building healthy society.

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