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Surgery-Cleft Lip & Palate

Well Equipped Major Operation Theatre

Patient with serious heart attack being treated

Hospital in initial days

Rupesh Kajale, Gogaypur

Hospital and Critical Care Unit


Problem Background :
In Melghat under 5 children mortality rate was >100 per 1000 live births & Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) was  >70 per 1000 live birth. Prevalence of severe malnutrition was more than 20%. Home deliveries were >85%. Premature adults deaths & maternal mortality rates were very high.  The facilities at local level govt. medical centers were very poor with no paediatricians, gynaecologist or any surgeons. The nearest hospital for critical care was more than 150 kms from most of the villages. 

MAHAN Intervention:-
MAHAN started medical service in hut in 1997. Today MAHAN has well equipped hospital ‘Mahatma Gandhi Tribal Hospital’. This is being run under the financial support of Caring Friends. The hospital has a well equipped OPD, Indoor, Operation Theater & Critical Care Unit. This is only hospital in Melghat for treatment of serious patients. MAHAN started hosptial with only two specialist doctors. Dr. Ashish – M.D. Medicine & Dr. Kavita-M.S.-Ophthalmology. Now Dr. Dani & Dr. Shinde are important part of MAHAN. MAHAN  with the help of doctors from outside organizes various specialty diagnostic & treatment camps like Gynecology & Obstetrics , Pediatrics , Eye, ENT, Pathology, de-addiction, TB, Sickling , Surgical Camps.


Impact :-·  

Close to 2 lakh patients including severe patients treated & thousand of lives are saved. Click Here to read more 

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