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Blindness Control

Problem Background :
    Many people were suffering from blindness. This included problems as simple as refractive error (for diminished vision) and as complex as cataract.  Unavailability of an eye surgeon, a well equipped operation theater, superstitions & poor socio-economic conditions were main reasons. 

MAHAN Intervention :
       Initially Dr. Kavita, the only Ophthalmologist in this area, faced the challenge in bringing about awareness of eye care and had a difficult time in convincing the tribals to come to the hospital for eye check up & surgery. [Some of them who were once hesitant for cataract surgeries, today feel proud of them selves for being the first ones to wear spectacles and happy that their sight has been restored.]
During initial days Dr. Kavita personally visited more than 100 villages including remote villages like ‘Kokmar’ conducting door to door screening of patients & many schools children were treated. Patients who were in need of surgery were brought to hospital & operated upon. Today trained supervisors are screening thousands of patients in villages and school, bringing them to hospitals if required, where they undergo operations. MAHAN has full-fledged eye hospital including operation theater.

Impact :
·  More than thousands people are provided with vision. Click Here to read more

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