• Graham Serjeant-International renowned sickle cell expert -"I was very impressed with what has been achieved at MAHAN and enjoyed meeting your wife and colleagues.  It was also interesting to visit one your villages. Best wishes for your continued success" -By email dated Mon, 16 Dec 2013

  • Dr. David Mukanga- 'Bill & Meelinda Gates foundation', USA  (30th of July, 2013)
    Very impressive and humbling work and focus- Dr. Ashish & Kavita. Look forward to stay in touch and hopefully working together one of these days.

  • Niteen Wairagkar 'Bill & meelinda Gates foundation', USA-(30th of July, 2013) I am personally very impressed with the commitment, dedication of Dr. Ashish, Dr. Kavita. & team to serve resource limited underserved community. Best wishes for all the projects at this center & impact these projects have in these communities.  Thanks for opportunity to visit.

  • Rishi of 'Caring Friends'-Mumbai, (5th may 2013)
    Very Inspiring work by Ashish & Kavita… goes to show how much dedication & commitment can achieve. Good to see that they are doing so much……..and how much any human being can achieve in just one lifetime.

  • Dr. Naresh Geete, director (Monitoring), Rajmata Jijau Mission:-“Satav is 100 per cent correct. We have asked our officers to improve reporting. Unless we report correctly, we won’t be able to solve the problem.” In Delhi edition of Indian Express December 5, 2006. Rajmata Jijau Mission for Mother and Child Nutrition, is government body appointed to monitor health reporting and coordinate among the various agencies working for child and mother care, admits to under-reporting. Government reporting has since improved in Satav’s 19 intervention villages of Melghat.


  • "I had remarkable experience seeing the hospital and then visiting the research personnel (of MAHAN Trust) in their home in the village. This maternal infant project demonstrates the power of low tech investigations to decrease infant mortality. Our discussion with the research team here have informed me how to think about the project for the US National Institute of Health – Maternal Infant Research Network working with Dr. Archana Patel from Nagpur, we will get great value and stimulation from the brief visit. Thank you very much!" –Alan H. Jobe, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and researcher, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital , Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

  • "The dedication and involvement of the MAHAN staff under Dr. Satav’s leadership and that of the community workers was truly impressive. The need to serve and in turn gain the respect of the community members is mutually beneficial and therefore sustainable. The measurable improvement in the health indicators, knowledge of the community members and their trust in MAHAN’s workers indicates that MAHAN is making a big difference in their lives. May they have the strength and conviction to continue this excellent work." – Dr. Archana Patel, HOD, Pediatrics, IGMC and VP, Lata Medical Research Foundation, Nagpur.

  • "Your life and work inspire me greatly. Dr. Ashish is my indian teacher".- Mr. Adam Kahane, Canada-International expert in problem solving.

  • "Your work of home based child care program should be propagated all over India", said Dr. Katoch, Director General, ICMR and Secretary , Health Research, Govt. of India (During International symposium on tribal health at Jabalpur).

  • "Dr. Satav taught us the real status of Malnutrition in Melghat" admits Rajlakhmi Nayar (Program officer of UNICEF on nutrition  for Maharashtra ).

  •  "Dr. Satav family is doing excellent work in Melghat. Their work reminds us Dr. Albert Shwaitzer. Their work will be helpful for overall development of Melghat." Said by Dr. Prashant Gangal (M.D.- Chief trainer of Malnutrition reduction program of Maharashtra Government and UNICEF training program ), Dr. Sanjay Prabhu (M.D.-Maharashtra state Secretary of Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, ),  Dr. Shakuntala Prabhu- Professor of Pediatrics- Wadia children Hospital, Mumbai.

  • "The flipchart on Malnutrition , prepared by you is of an excellent quality and I recommend that govt. of Maharashtra should use it for their health education program." – Dr. L.P. Mishra, IAS , special  rapporteur, National Human Rights Commission of India. 

  • "Dr. Satav is an great asset for Melghat and district administration", said Dr. Shanta Sinha , Chairperson, National Child-right Protection Commission of India.

  • "You are doing very good work at Melghat" said Mr. Dhirubhai Mehta, President, Kasturba Health Society, Sevagram and director of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram.

  • "Dr. Satav’s hard work , sincerity and dedication is praise worthy. He has travelled a lot in interior of villages by scooter and walked a long distances. He commands good respect with local leaders, Govt. officers and villagers of the area."Dr. Prakash Behere, Prof. & Head of the department , Psychiatry, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram.

  • "We are very much happy and satisfied after seeing the good project of Dr. Satav .  During such a young age,  it is not easy to avoid lot of attractions in life and live in such small village." Drs. P.R. Mhaskar & Kamal Mhaskar, Mhaskar trust, Amalner.

  • "I was very happy to visit your camps. The subjects you are discussing are very critical to the future of the people of India. " Mr. Boffalme-USA.

  • "We are really inspired by the good work done by Drs. Ashish & Kavita Satav. Very few people like them realises their responsibility to serve for the motherland.  To dream such work and to do it actually is really praiseworthy."Dr. Kanak Nagale , Heart  Surgeon from Nair hospital , Mumbai.

  • "The work they are doing is highly laudable. Selfless service given to people of  tribal area seeing to all round development of an individual and also making them participate in the activity is a real great thing. Wishing them all success in their endevour."Dr. C.J. Hemantkumar, Heart  Surgeon (Cardiovasular surgeon )from Jaslok hospital and Hinduja hospital  , Mumbai.

  • "Utavali means 'eager' in Hindi. Eager to work are the Satav couple, Eager  to go there are people who have visited the place once. It is an example of what the human spirit can make happen. What the will of  2 persons can bring up from nowhere, from nothing. And where it is most needed.  One can't but wonder why they do it? What takes a highly educated couple  to a god-forsaken forest to deliver health care to people who live on  nothing. It's a mission that is difficult to comprehend. Even more the fact that they put their life at stake, when there were so many comforts that could have been easily theirs. They are a creed apart; they come to this world to give, at the cost of time, comforts, family and their life.  I salute them, the spirit that drives them. I salute their courage to do  what they want to, and the guts to keep going."  Dr. Shailesh Nisal,  (M.B.B.S., M.S., M.Ch.) plastic surgeon, Nagpur.

  • "I impressed upon the trustees of Love trust U.K. , the planned and systematic nature of your work with the tribals and my expectations that it will yield good results in the health of tribals and in particular in reducing mortality among young children up to the age of six. My wife and I were especially impressed by the concept of training village health workers. The lady village health worker to whom you introduce us in the village, and who spoke so clearly of her work diagnosing pneumonia and malaria is an excellent ambassador for your work."Mr. Stephen Love, England.

  • "We were convinced with your capacities to lead the project of children mortality control program. You definitely convinced me that the results of your work and your scientific research will have an important impact on the future of many people in the Melghat area. Now you have won this national price, and your research work is appreciated by national and international experts in community health,  it will even have impact on many more people. Congratulations to you and Kavita also. She has also played such an important role! May be in future your results can even be used in Sierra Leone!"Dr.  Annekoos Wiersinga(M.D.) , Stitchting Geron, Netherlands.

  • "I congratulate you with the award that you received at the symposium at Jabalpur. You certainly deserved it. Your work has been of great importance for the destitute tribal people of Melghat and I am happy and proud that we have sponsored this work. I vividly remember that meeting in the garden of the heart hospital near Amravati. I am very happy that you convinced me there about the necessity of this work. The result has proved that you were right. Annekoos, Batiaan and Taco told me about their visit to Dharni and they told me they were very much impressed by the wonderful and dedicated work you are doing there" by Nico Nobel, Netherlands.

  • Meeting you made me realize that “role models are neither historical nor in books- they are in ‘action’ in ‘here & now"  I guess its just a beginning – Mr. Manish Shrivastava– National training manager –Hindustan Lever Limited , Mumbai.

  • "Dr. Ashish & Dr. Kavita Satav- you are simply great. I want to do lot of work for the tribal community. Your work will inspire me.  Really envy you both." Mr. Sunil Limaye (IFS)- Additional Tribal Commissioner, Amaravati division.

  • "Your work is like a temple", said Dr. Taori, Neurophysician and Director, CIIMS hospital, Nagpur.

  • "Ashish and Kavita, through sheer determination and ingenuity, have managed to reduce the mortality rates to around 60 per 1,000. Severe malnutrition cases have dropped by over 40%. While it is shocking to realize the sharp and startling contrast between the India that we experience in our cities versus the pitiable state of affairs just a few hundred miles away, it is also heartening and inspiring to see people like Ashish and Kavita chipping away with great commitment to address and solve these problems" says Sudhakar Ram, Chairman and Co-Founder of IT solutions provider, Mastek in his article Melghat Heroes: Bringing The Rural Poor Back To Health

  • Melghat Heroes: Bringing The Rural Poor Back To Health by Sudhakar Ram- Chairman and Co-Founder of Mastek, a leading IT solutions company ---------Click here to read more

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