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Melghat Heroes: Bringing The Rural Poor Back To Health. by Sudhakar Ram- Chairman and Co-Founder of Mastek, a leading IT solutions company ---------Click Here to read more

Sakal Interview-2020
This was interview of Dr Ashish & Dr. Kavita Satav on the eve of 'Natu foundation' award ceremony in Pune on 9th Jan 2020
Sakal Saptahik-2012-1 of 3
Sakal Saptahik-2012-2 of 3
Sakal Saptahik-2012-3 of 3
Times of India - 30Jan'12-1 of 4
Sakal-'Saptarang'-Feb 2012
News Letter of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society-2012 Jan
Times of India - 20Jul11
Times of India - 30Jan'12-2 of 4
Times of India - 30Jan'12-3 of 4
Times of India - 30Jan'12-4 of 4
Loksatta-1, Nov 2011
Thane Plus
Lokprabha-2012-2 of 3
Lokmat News Paper-2012 Jun
Lokprabha-2012-3 of 3
Loksatta News paper-Jun 2013
Bombay Chartered Accountant Journal December 2012
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